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by ICF Professional Certified Coach
Coaching Essentials & Principles Certificate Program
ICF Approved Coach Specific Training: 60 Hours

Coach Mindset
11 ICF Core Coaching
Conducted by ICF credentialed Coach: Atchara Juicharern, Ph.D., PCC
Approved by:
   Program Vision:

Empowering individuals and organizations to enhance your
effectiveness and sustainable success by unleashing
people potentials and expressing their authentic motivation
and greatness.

Coaching Essentials and Principles certificate program is for individuals interested in entering the field of coaching, as well as managers and leader in the organizations seeking to become better in effective coaching.

This 60 hours coaching education will offer intensive learning, practices and feedback in coach
core competencies based on 11 ICFs professional core coaching competencies.

  Program Philosophy and Approach

Our coaching education is based on the philosophy and framework of the ICFs 11 Core
Coaching Competencies. That is coach competencies as the Doing and the Ethics as the Being
of coaching.

Our approach is based on our belief that the coach is a catalyst, and all leaders & managers are
able to be excellent in coaching skills.

Conducted by ICF credentialed Coach: Atchara Juicharern, Ph.D., PCC
  The program is for:
Internal coaches
Corporate leaders
Aspiring and Growing Coaches
Individuals who want to enter a new profession of Coaching
Practicing coaches seeking to learn a new methodology
  Learning Goals:
• Able to explain distinctions of coaching and other disciplines
• Able to identify 11 of ICF Coach Core Competencies
• Able to understand and explain 11 of ICF Coach Core Competencies
• Able to demonstrate these 11 Coach Core Competencies through coaching practices
• Able to participate in giving and receiving feedback after coaching practices
  Program Structure:
The program consists of 60 hours of student contact hours and weekly practicum that will lead to a certificate of completion. The program offers two options:
Option 1:
• Student Contact Hours: 48 Hours (face-to-face)
• Weekly Practicum: 30 minutes practice with peer (Total 2 hours) / webinar or phone
• Self study: reading materials: 2 Hours
• Group classes practices & feedback: 2 hours each week/ 4 times (Total 8 hours)
  This group classes are limited to 6 - 10 people per group: face-to-face
Option 2:
• Student Contact Hours: 48 Hours (face-to-face)
• Weekly Practicum: 30 minutes practice with peer (Total 2 hours) / webinar or phone
• Self study: reading materials: 2 Hours
• Self study: reading materials and submission of the summary: 8 hours
  Dates and locations
Classesare held either on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday at AcComms training venue or
designatedvenue in Bangkok.
Classes are delivered in Thai language with English materials.
  Learning and Development Methodology
Our learning is carried out in an interactive environment which encourages students to practice the
skills. Weuse experiential training methods includingrole-play, self-assessment,workshops
andgroup exercisestoenhance the learning process. Instructor also coach and give feedback to
students during exercises andpractices.

Each student will have at least five formal practices and verbal feedback throughout the learning.
At least 3written feedback will be provided to each student. Some practices can also be recorded
(with studentspermission) so that instructor can precisely review and provide written feedback to
support participantscontinuous learning and growth.

  Requirements students must meet to enter the program:
• At least 3 years work experience in public, state-owned or private organizations
• Passion in helping others grow and unleash peoples potentials
  Program Requirements:
In order to complete the program, all participants are required to:
• attend 80% of the total face-to-face time in the class.
• have at least five formal coaching practices & feedback sessions observed and
  assessed by the ICF accredited instructor (ACC, PCC or MCC).
• have at least three written feedback after the practice sessions assessed by the ICF
  accredited instructor (ACC, PCC or MCC).
• complete the 2 hours self-study for the provided materials.
• complete the 2 hours peer coaching practices outside of the classroom.
• Your participation and contribution in learning, practices and feedback are paramount
  to your success of the program.
  Course Descriptions
Part 1:       Part 1 includes welcome and introduction to the program
                    This part also includes objectives of the program and establishment of our agreement.

Part 2:       Contain Modules 1- 12: which are in order of the 11 ICF Core Coaching
                   Competencies with descriptions of the 69 Behavior statements or
                   performance criteria. There are also articles, knowledge and skills that
                   support each competency, exercises, discussion guideline and self- reflections.
                   Module 12 of this section will provide the guidelines that are useful for
                   participants preparation to ACC path.

Part 3:      Part 3: Contain Module 13: This module reviews the coaching definition and ICF
                   core coaching competencies (Competencies3, 4, 5,6,8,9,10 and 11).
                   The focus is on strengthening these competencies in the context of coaching
                   within organizations.

Part 4:      Contain Module 14: this module provides guidelines to small group practices
                  for the participants who choose option 2, after having completed modules 1-13.

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